About Me

Welcome to my animation world Pratik here,
I am an Animator, Video editor and 3D Designer who thrives in high-energy settings and creates unique motion, I take a lot of pride in my job and set extremely high standards to myself to accomplish the quality work. I love to work in an environment where I get the opportunity to grow as an artist. I approach every project with creativity, passion and enthusiasm.
I am highly passionate about gaming besides that Traveling, Adventure, Music, Animation, Computing

What do I do?

Motion graphics
Video editing
Audio editing
3d modeling/animation
Stop motion animation
Cinemagraph, etc

Software Skills

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Audition
Adobe Premiere
Adobe After Effects
Autodesk MAYA

My Process

Motion Design
I have experience in creating animated content for advertising, broadcast, explainer videos & title sequences. Here are all the steps that I can handle during a production pipeline.

Concept Development & Research
After getting short summary or script I start working on Developing ideas that fit to the project

Animation Direction
Creating styleframes & animation design that convey the concept

2D/3D - Animation
Putting the ideas in motion


My Resume


Do you like my work?
Let's create something wonderful together, Feel free to contact me for further information about my work, job offer, Inquires, rates or simply to play some games 😆

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